Raising the Grain

Sean Farley

"Raising The Grain" is the latest musical works by Sean Farley. This lush sounding EP is full of soul and good vibes. Each song tells a story and catches you with a hook. Enjoy Farley's most mature songwriting and musical performance to date!

“Raising the Grain” is the last step in preparing a crafted piece of wood for the finishing process. The guitar (in this case) has been designed, shaped, and finish sanded, but before applying finish, the grain must be raised. This is done by using a wet rag and wiping the entire surface causing an expansion of the grains by absorbing liquid. Then you sand one more time and start applying your finish product. This feels symbolic of my current stage in life and career. I’m 36 years old, I’ve finished my schooling and chosen to be a musician and a business owner as a luthier. I’ve carved out a niche business and built a national touring circuit as a performer. Now I’m in a refining process of all of these moving parts. I’m fine tuning my guitar designs, upgrading my tools and work space, refining my building process, maturing as a songwriter, and finessing my guitar licks. I’m improving my health and even started taking guitar lessons again! Once a guitar is shaped and sanded it feels pretty close to being done, but the last step in the process is long and ultimately the most important. Raising the grain is the step between these two stage to ensure the best end result. This is the stage I’m in now.

Songs and writing inspiration stories-

My Baby- This Motown-soul inspired song was written about being in a fun and loving relationship. It’s about both people knowing that they are loved. It’s meant to be light hearted and fun, with a catchy melody that everyone can sing along to. This song was written around a catchy guitar lick that I had forgotten about. David Lynn reminded me the night before I recorded as I was looking for inspiration for a last minute song to write.

No More Blues- Written about a person who has gone from a very bad relationship into a very good one. It’s a song about being treated badly, struggling through to the point of finally leaving, and starting all over. The repetitive “no more blues” is meant to reenforce that everything is okay now, and they have found a healthy and real love.

Somewhere Else- Last year I almost ran out of gas on my way to Silver City, New Mexico, for a gig. I forgot to get gas and barley made it through the Gila National Forest before running out. The switch back roads were curvy and steep and the steering left to right, back and forth, up and down, etc inspired the song. I can remember the pace, the landscapes, and the thought of just camping in a beautiful place if I did run out of gas. I was okay with it and thought this is part of the adventure of a traveling musician like myself. I almost welcomed and appreciated the “worst” that could happen. It was a beautiful place to get stuck and camp at, but I made it to my gig and pushed my gas tank the furthest to date. The song encourages travel and adventure and making the best out of whatever life on the road may bring.

I’m Going- I wrote this song 9 years ago as a self-mantra for moving to Arizona to go to guitar making school (Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery). I was nervous about such a big move, and wrote this song to comfort and reassure myself. The song builds in a way that is supposed to represent the dramatic landscape change once you get to the Rockies and the desert. I was so moved by these amazing landscapes, colors, and breath taking views. I hope this song encourages others to chase after something they want, to better themselves or to just experience more, even if it’s a little scary.

Green Blues- Is a blending of celtic and blues music, written about surreal experiences while I was traveling through Ireland. I was raised to feel very Irish on both sides of my family, especially by my Grandmother Marilyn Kelly, whom the track is dedicated to. When I arrived in Dublin, and as I traveled through the countryside I had an overwhelming feeling that I had been there before. I felt connected to the land more so than I have felt anywhere else in my entire life. It was profound. I grew up seeing pictures of family who had lived in or visited the C. Lyons Pub and homestead, in the village of Duagh, Co. Kerry, outside of Listowel. There I met and stayed with relatives. My cousin Joe Kerry took me down to the family cemetery and gave me a evening tour. We walked among the tombstones of centuries of family members as I was told of their stories and relation to me. At 9pm on this summer night it had finally gotten dark. An old eery bell rang at 9pm and scared an “unkindness of Ravens” out of the trees. Hundreds of them crowed and flapped their wings as they moved through the air. It was a story I had to tell.

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