Sean Farley


Sean Farley is an American singer, songwriter, guitarist, and Luthier. He is currently based out of Williamsport, PA, where he owns and operates Guitarley's Custom Guitar & Repair ( He tours in bands and as a solo artist mostly throughout PA, NY, CO, NM, and AZ.


Farley has been performing music professionally, in many different bands, for over 20 years now. He is a diligent student of Blues, Rock, Funk, Soul, and Americana music. His songwriting has elements of all these genres and more. He's competed in the International Blues Challenge ( four times now, with two different bands, once as a soloist, and once as a duo act! 


 Farley has opened for bands like Blue Oyster Cult and Yes, and has shared the stage with many internationally renowned musicians such as Ann Rabson, Bnois King, Smokin’ Joe Kubek, “Iron Man” Michael Burks, 2013 Grammy nominee Melissa Reaves, and more. Sean is a go-to guitar player for the “Georgia Songbird” EG Kight ( and recorded on her album “It’s Hot In Here” in 2008. He had the opportunity to sing a duet with her on this album called “Southern Woman And A Nawthern Man”! He currently occupies the role of guitarist, singer, and songwriter in his regional band “Lynn & Farley 5” but spends most of his time on the road as a one man band!

 The latest chapter in his musical life has been national touring as a solo act, traveling to areas throughout PA, NY, and annual tours in the beautiful southwest through iAM Independent Artist Management ( Since making his very first acoustic guitar at Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery, he's grown an appreciation for taking the stage by himself, chasing fuller sounds with LIVE-looping. Looping allows Sean to record and layer tracks as he performs, building deep grooves, rhythms, chord progressions, and textures. You’ll hear what sounds like multiple guitarists, percussive beats, bass lines, harmonies,  and consummate guitar licks, along with his raspy and soulful voice! His simple yet intricate looping style produces an organic and smooth sounding “one-man-band” show. 

 Farley has recorded on many studio albums over years, including two solo albums. In 2013 he released his first solo album titled “Karma”. This album includes all originals songs, recorded with guitars that he built, and a few special guest musicians. In 2017 Sean recorded "LIVE & Temperamental" in front of a studio audience at Temperamental Recordings Studio, in Geneseo, NY. You can listen to and purchase these songs right here, or on all major online music stores and streaming sources!

Farley released his newest solo EP titled "Raising The Grain" on May 22, 2019 at New Trail Brewing! This 5-track album features a matured approach to studio recording, performance, singing, and songwriting. Almost all instruments are played by Sean on this project, including guitars, vocals, drums, bass, and vibraphone. RTG was recorded again in Geneseo, NY, by Grammy-nominated engineer and musician Mike Brown (, with final mixes and mastering by Alan Weatherhead.



"Thank you for visiting my website and listening to my music. Please support LIVE music and independent artists as much as you can! I hope to meet you at one of my shows someday!" - Sean Farley