Hello, and thanks for stopping by my new website!

This new website is an exciting product of an exciting chapter in my life. I have played in bands for nearly a decade, and since moving back to my hometown from Phoenix AZ, where I attended the prestigious Roberto-Venn School of Lutherie, I have embraced solo performance. This was always my least favorite band to play in, the one with out any other members. Now it is my main focus musically. As a small business owner of "Guitarley's Custom Guitar & Repair" ( www.guitarleys.com )and a full time musician, the solo act is really a big source of income and cross promotion for the shop. I have the pleasure of playing guitars that I made myself, for myself, as well as hand wired tube amps. I plan on making pedals and even winding my own pickups in the future, as part of my quest for my own tone. I'm growing to be a self-sustained guitarist.

I'm in the middle of preparations for the International Blues Challenge (IBC) on Beale Street of Memphis TN in 2013! Here I will be putting my solo show to the big test and striving for victory and global recognition. A win here would greatly and positively affect my path as a musician. I hope to win the solo/duo division, opening doors to record labels, bigger gigs, national and international touring, networking, and much more. It would really be a dream come true, and a tangible reward for a life of efforts, towards music and the blues.

I am also, for the first time, getting some professional artist representation. I have played for managed bands, but always had it easy, as the lead guitarist. I'd just show up and get paid! Now I'm learning a whole new side of the music business. It's humbling but very exciting. It's allowing me to learn new ways to grow as a professional and successful musician. I'll be first trying to add the southwest to regular yearly tour destination. I hope to return to the desert that I grew to love, and that changed my life and determined my path as a luthier and musician. I thinking driving across the country was the most freeing experience of my life, to this point. I'd love to have a professional purpose for making trips like that a few times a year!

With all this growth and change has come a new voice and new songs. I'm currently working on my first solo album which will be almost all done by me, with various guitars I've made. It will be layers upon layers of what goes on in my head when I write a song, that I can't necessarily perform by myself or with a band. It will be a mix of blues, americana, soul, folk-rock and all my life's musical influences to this point. There will even be some songs I recorded with bands, but approach differently now as a solo artist. This CD should be done and ready to sell by the end of 2012. I look forward to sharing it with you, Memphis, and where ever my tours and travels take me...

Stay tuned for more blogs, songs for sale, songs for free download, pictures, shows, and stories of my life as a guitar maker and player...

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