Memphis and the Southwest!

So big exciting things are always in the works! My lutherie shop is busy, my local gigs are piling up and going well, and I'm preparing for one of the most exciting trips of my life! Almost 2 years ago, I moved back to PA from Arizona, after attending the prestigious Roberto-Venn School of Lutherie ( ). Life in AZ was such a big move for me, very exciting and scary all at once. I absolutely fell in love with the desert. The everyday sun never got old, the sunsets were magnified, the landscapes astounding, and the friends made were lifelong. I really found myself there, and I have longed to return.

One of my accomplishments since moving back has been a regional blues competition victory, which has placed me in the quarter-finals of the International Blues Challenge, in Memphis TN! On January 30th of 2013, I'll start this four day long competition in the solo/duo division. Here my custom guitars and I will be showing the world what we're made of! I will be attending in hopes of victory and to network and spread the word of my music and custom guitar making. This will be my third time making it to this prestigious event, but my first flying solo.

After this week of blues music and competition, I'll continue southwest, taking the same roads that brought me back to PA, but in the other direction. I'll check out of Beale Street on Monday, February 4th, and play the next night in Albuquerque NM to start my 3 week or more long tour of the majestic four corners USA!!! This will be the hopeful start of building a regular tour a few times a year, and eventually maybe even lead me to move back out there. I plan on being on the road for a month straight, meeting new people and new places, facing challenges, fulfilling dreams, and living the life on the road as musician. It's a major bucket lister for me!

It will be a good opportunity to immediately promote my soon to release solo album, and spread the good music around the country. I'll be prepping new songs until then and working hard to raise money for the trip and line up as many gigs as possible. I can't wait to be driving free through the deserts again. I can't wait to revisit my school and the best teachers I ever had. I hope to speak at the school and reflect on what I've accomplished since graduating, and hope to instill hope and advice to the current students. 

Until then, keep an eye on all hard work I'll be doing in preparation. Thanks for supporting LIVE music, especially mine : )


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