CD release of Karma

I'm excited to announce my new CD project "Karma" is finally coming to a finish! All mastered tracks have been uploaded and the CD artwork is done! I'm so happy and proud of how this project turned out. I'd say it's my most mature project yet! I used all of the custom guitars that I built for myself at Roberto-Venn School of Lutherie ( on the recording and they performed amazingly! I'm so happy with the natural EQ of my acoustic guitar when recording in the studio. The engineer said that it's one of the best he's recorded! My solid body electric tones came out great too. The really exciting "stand-out" for me though was playing my hybrid resonator electric guitar! I love that guitar, and we used some unique recording techniques to get some amazing tones out of it! Have you ever heard an unplugged acoustic resonator feed back!? Well if you listen to my track "Antithesis Blues" on the new album, that is what you'll think you're hearing! The resonator stars in three of the tracks: "Chase Your Dreams", "Antithesis Blues" and "Karma". I really think every song on this album is strong on its own and these three, in particular, are fantastic!

This project was originally going to be only me performing but, as usual, I got musically lonely. Interestingly enough, the percussionist (Rich Cummings) was my very first band mate and the lap steel player (Joe Novelli is the most recently added band mate! There is a span of musical relationships that are framed and represented on this album. The tunes they performed on are better with them, they added more depth and texture to the album. This is the first album that I really produced by myself, and I'm proud of it! I can see producing as one of my future passions! I've always been an ear player, I have natural pitch and I'm such a perfectionist! It was great to produce my own arrangements as they were in my head, which is hard to explain to someone else. I'm very fortunate to get along so well with Richard Rupert, the engineer at Green Valley Recording ( I couldn't be happier with his work and I’m grateful for his help making the album. Great things can come out of Richard’s secluded little barn in the mountains of Hughesville, PA. The CD is going to print today with Disc Makers ( and will be here on time for my big “Karma” CD release and send-off party at the Community Arts Center's Capitol Lounge, in Williamsport PA (Twitter: @WmsptPA), on Wednesday January 23rd. Check out the "gigs" section of my website for details on this show and more. I hope to have a great turn out and give this CD its first big audience test. It will be great to share all my hard work with my family, friends and supporters! I'm confident it will be well received! I'll do a LIVE performance, meet and greet, answer questions and/or sign the CD personally. I hope to see some of you there!

For those of you who are far away, the album will be available for download through iTunes and hard copies can be purchased through CD Baby!

The day after this big event and celebration I'll be hitting the road for a one-month cross country tour, with a major stop in Memphis TN for the International Blues Challenge on Beale Street (! This will be a fun adventure and my first solo tour out of the Pennsylvania area! I'll be focussing on my beloved Southwest, where I moved to and from to go to lutherie school back in 2010. It will be great to return to the epic mountainous landscapes and the colorful deserts. My heart and soul miss the Southwest as if it was where I am supposed to be. It will be interesting to see how my music and I will be received. If all goes well, I could see my self moving back out there in a heartbeat. The western frontier has always paralleled my spirit and how I live my life. I'll be gigging mostly in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. I'll be making a stop in Helen, GA as well, to play at an old friend's establishment. We have been trying to make it happen for almost 10 years now! 

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